Vision Statement

ISE Advisory Group, Inc. was founded on the premise that corporate management, owners and investors need outsourced expertise to facilitate strategic planning, project management, human capital assessment and change management planning.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of ISE Advisory Group, Inc has over 36 years experience in corporate expansion, mergers and acquisitions, change management, income/expense management, strategic planning and execution oversight.

Our services offer actionable strategies to improve performance and sustain a lasting financial impact for growth. We create solutions for management, owners and investors to make well-informed decisions to address challenges and takes advantage of opportunities. ISE has retained experienced industry professionals to provide practical and proven analysis and recommendations.

What We Do

The process, knowledge and experience to develop, plan and execute global payments requires a proven business partner to advise and transact payments

To facilitate this expertise ISE has executed a referral agreement with Cambridge Global Payments for their proven advisory and service delivery.


  • FX Hedging and Risk Management Strategies

  • International Payments Processing

  • Automated Payable Solutions

  • E4X Global Payment Settlement Service

  • Foreign Check Clearing and Collection

The ability to negotiate and transact business in Asia requires reliable and consistent connections. Information gathering and due diligence is vital in making smart business decisions.

ISE can provide subjective guidance and recommendations to assist with business transactions for multiple industry segments

Selecting and analyzing credit facilities from financial institutions and Governmental agencies for Trade and Project Finance requires understanding of programs and structures. In addition to project, product, currency, and country risk issues; the facilitation of structuring transactions require skilled expertise.

Oversight and planning by ISE for credit facilities, services and transactional activities can help manage costs and minimize delays.

A holistic review of your business model, structure and transactional activities can maximize resources and cost per transaction. ISE can provide assistance through consultative review and recommendations.

ISE has executed a referral agreement with Derivative Logic to provide interest rate and currency hedging expertise for their proven advisory and service delivery.


  • Interest Rate Hedge Advisory Services

  • ISDA Negotiations

  • Dodd-Frank Compliance

  • Hedge Accounting - ASC 815 (FAS 133)

Risk occurs at many different levels based on acceptable risk level for reach company.

ISE's management team has vast oversight experience with policy and structural procedures for managing risk including:

  • Frank-Dodd Act

  • Basel III


  • Credit Underwriting

  • Operational and Strategic Risk Management

  • Governmental regulation

  • Capital Preservation

  • Revenue Growth

The process to execute on strategic plans require structured analysis to determine how change elements may cause unforeseen events. Strategy and project management expertise can help avoid cost overruns and delays in implementation. ISE has executed an agreement with Mystrategysource to provide efficient solutions for organizations looking to advance strategy without overinvesting.


  • Vision and Strategy development plans

  • Implementation of proven tools and processes

  • Advisory role to ensure full ownership of the strategy

  • Development of impactful strategy communication

  • Develop support implementation strategies for key areas

  • Customized strategy mentoring

The process to implement change in an organization requires internal synergies, vision, insight and a strong communication plan. Owners, company leadership and all levels of management need to be prepared for their roles in implementing change.

The success of change management and obtaining desired business goals can be achieved through the acceptance of investors, regulators, customers and employees.

Systems, policies and organizational structures need to be reviewed to insure that internal/external communications and process dynamics are practical and sustainable. An ongoing review of strategic operational planning is required to evolve companies with term goals.

Operational reviews can help determine if change elements are necessary to minimize impact to business operations.

Proactive sales management and core products/services knowledge is critical to obtaining cost effective and profitable results.

Clear objectives and defined measurement tools are important to motivate and incentivize success. The skill elements required to manage sales efforts differ by company. Companies should consider customized plans to accommodate diverse talent pools and service offerings to maximize results.

Company talent assessments are a key component in determining if business growth plans will be successful. Human capital management is understanding the strengths and weakness of management and staff to ensure timely decision making and align business goals.

These practices are focused on the organizational need to provide specific competencies and are implemented in three categories:

  • Staff Acquisition

  • Staff Management

  • Staff Optimization

The ability to reshape companies to deal with mergers and acquisitions issues require unique skills. Information gathering and due diligence is vital in making smart business decisions.

Ample planning and execution require human capital assessments and comparative analysis to prevent potential pitfalls. ISE can provide subjective guidance and recommendations.

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